Sensible and Thorough Evaluation

Our evaluation process gives a person a comprehensive assessment of the reasons underlying their concerns, and a sensible plan for addressing the issues. The evaluation process begins at your first visit when you meet with a psychologist to discuss your concerns and goals, and an individualized plan is designed.  Depending on your situation, this plan will involve some type(s) of immediate treatment/training and/or further assessment tools to delineate further what treatment/training would be most likely to help you to meet your goals.

Brainwave Testing

Quantative EEG involves highly specialized measures of brain function can help diagnose clinical conditions and is used to guide treatment to be as efficient and effective as possible.  Quantative EEG Testing is used to help understand how the brain processes information and  why the brain performs as it does.

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Psychological Evaluation

 Traditional psychological Testing (including IQ tests, ADHD assessment, IEP testing, career testing, and many more)  to help understand how well the brain can perform.

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Medical Evaluation

We can provide the testing required to be cleared to have a medical procedure, including spinal chord stimulator implants.

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